• Dior Transatlantique 2014

    Post Update: I am so happy to share that the collection is indeed available in South Africa!  The reason why it was a Saks exclusive was because they were the first to get the products in stock.  I know the Canal Walk and V& A Waterfront Edgars counters have the products at their counters.  Happy shopping!

    I am such a huge fan of Dior and always get so excited when I see their new collections.  The latest collection is called Transatlantique and is exclusively available at Saks - meaning we will never see these in our humble South African stores.
    Dior Tranatlantique
    I really love the nautical theme of the collection, however the blues I personally would not wear - I actually don't own a single shade of blue makeup (not even a blue nail polish). I love the Nude powder compact (with its beautiful rope detail), lipsticks and nail polish in shade Yacht.

    Let me know what you think of the collection.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. It caught my eye!:) I'm more of a lippie and polish kind of girl and these gorgeous!

      I agree with you the rope detail on the powder is stunning.

      To bad it isn't coming to SA:(

    2. You should give the blues a go! Personally it's one of my favourite nail polish colours! But each to their own :)

    3. It's a very cute range and I love the theme, but I'm not sure I'll pick up the quad this time since I usually only use blue as an eye liner and I don't think I'll get much use out of it unfortunately :o) Xx

      Makeup by Candlelight

    4. I love the eye shadow and nude nail polish My makeup skills are very bad so I am trying to get better at it before splurging :P


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