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    I really hate having cracked heels and a while back after a run on sharp beach stones I cut up my heels quite badly.  It left me with very ugly looking heels that took ages to recover.  I discovered Silky Sox a few weeks after I started my intensive treatment of my heels.
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    I really wish I had found these sooner.  Not only are the socks so convenient to use but they have a gel lining inside that promotes the absorption of foot creams with the use of your own body heat.  The socks are reusable and can easily be washed in a washing machine.

    The kit comes with 1 pair of socks and a tube of foot cream.  The foot cream is ok, wouldn't say it is the best I have used.  But I bought this specifically for the socks so the foot cream is more of a "bonus" in the box.

    These socks are available at Homemark stores or stores that stock Homemark products.  I bought mine from Clicks.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I always have a problem with ugly heels. I need to take a look. :)

      1. These are great but as mentioned you need a better heel balm

    2. It was between these socks and the Sorbet socks for me and I decided to go with the Sorbet ones because they are pink (totally ridiculous, I know - haha!). x

      Luzanne Ashby | Pink Peonies | www.pinkpeonies.co.za

      1. I love this pair, but the pink is pretty!

    3. I love how you are always reviewing products I'm interested in! These are on my birthday wishlist! Xx

    4. oh hell yeah. definitely getting me a pair


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