• Manicure Monday

    Last week I was so lucky to receive 2 beautiful nail polishes that I couldn't wait to use.  
    The main colour on my nails is "P.S. I love you", a Morgan Taylor nail polish and I have used the Dior Perle a Spring 2014 limited edition colour on my ring fingers.

    Morgan Taylor is currently available for purchase on the Retail Box website and sells for R110.  I am impressed with the easy application of the product and how quickly the nail polish dries.  

    The Dior Perle is a topcoat that adds such a beautiful effect to nail polish.  The topcoat is matte and lasts incredibly well.  I have even used 3 coats to create an opaque look.  I applied a coat to my ring finger to add some sparkle to my manicure.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Love the Morgan Taylor color and that it is priced so reasonable:)

    2. Very pretty lilac shades, I love to wear lilac in the summer :o) Xx

      Makeup by Candlelight

    3. So pretty! I wish I could wear pale purple colours but I always feel like my nails are clashing with my outfit! Haha. Glad you enjoy the Perle :)

    4. Super duper gorgeous and the colours are so you.

      I just saw Perle over a blue/green colour the other day and it looked like a mermaid tail. In fact, she did scales over some of it to look like an actual mermaid tail. Love this!

    5. So pretty Charlene. Such a beautiful lilac shade!


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