• Carita Ideal Hydration Range

    I am such a huge fan of at home facials.  The cost of beauty spa facials can be a little too expensive so it is a good idea to invest in a few great facial products so that you can have a spa quality facial at home.  Three of my favourite products are from Carita.
    Ideal Hydration
    These products were 50% off on Style36 last year and I grabbed at much as I could afford at the time.  I picked up the Ideal Hydration Lagoon Water, Vitalising Smoothing Peeling Gel and Lagoon Serum.

    Lagoon Water
    Enriched with papaya extracts to refines the skin's texture.  It clears and luminous complexion.  This hydrates the skin as well as removes impurities from the skin.  I use this mainly when I have facials and not for everyday. But it can be used in the morning to add extra moisture to your skin and in the evening to remove makeup and excess oil from your skin.

    Vitalising Smoothing Peeling Gel
    Acts as cleaners and exfoliator.  Applied in small circulator motions.  It revitalises and soothes the skin.  I find my skin feels beautifully smooth after use.  It is so important to exfoliate your skin when doing a facial as it is the only way that you'll get rid of dead skin cells and allow the face mask to penetrate your skin.

    Lagoon Serum
    I love this serum it is a refreshing gel that immediately gets absorbed by the skin.  It helps hydrate and plump up the skin.  My skin feels supple and smooth after use.

    I really love these products so much.  Wish I bought all of the Ideal Hydration range, especially the face mask.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I haven't tried anything from this brand... yet ;) These sound fabulous x

    2. Hi.Can a 16 year old girl use this product?


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