• Manicure Monday

    When it comes to affordable nail polishes there are only 2 brands that I buy, one of them being Essence.  Whenever I go to Dischem I always go to the Essence stand to see what interesting colours they have and picked up a beautiful sparkly pink called Pink & Proud.
    Pink & Proud
    2 coats of Essence - Pink & Proud
    It really is such a pretty colour and I love how it catches the light so beautifully.  I was feeling quite dull and drained after my first week back at work but as soon as I put this on I felt so much better.  It is amazing how little things like applying nail polish can lighten a person's mood.

    Hope you all have a great Monday!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. its a pretty colour. I love such colors for during the week at work. an dthe light and bold for weekends.


    2. That is such a stunning colour Charlene. I love it!!!

    3. This is one of my favourite colours! It also looks amazing on you. I have to agree, essence is so affordable and I love them. And also why I love polish, instant mood lifter ;)


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