• Manicure Monday

    So I am back to my normal posts, although I am based at a new client which means that for at least the next few weeks I am going to be very busy and posts might not be daily.  I will however try my best to do regular posts.  To kick off the week I thought I would share one of my recent Essie buys.  I am quite chuffed with myself, finally starting to be a little more 'adventurous' with my nail colour choices (being someone who loves nudes and subtle shades of colours).
    It's Genius
    Essie - It's Genius (2 coats)
    I know this is more a winter colour but I am not really one who cares about what shades to wear for each season.  I wear what I think is pretty.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. This colour is stunning. I really need to invest on some Essie polishes :)

    2. This colour looks AMAZING on your hands!


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