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    A few months ago I was sent a huge parcel of goodies from Edgars and one of the items was a Sampar Sun in A kit set. The kit contains a 50ml 3 Day Weekend face moisturiser and a 125ml 3 Day Weekend body lotion. 
    The face moisturiser has a gel like consistency and is absorbed quickly into the skin.  I love that once applied after about a minute you cannot feel the product on your skin.  The body lotion too works in a similar way but has the consistency of a normal body lotion.

    Now this kit is aimed at users who want to gain a natural tanned look without spending time in the sun or those who don't want to use self-tanners or makeup to enhance their colour.  The product achieves this by stimulating the production of melanin in the skin while protecting your skin from sun damage.

    The results are somewhat noticeable after 1 week of continuous use (applying each morning to a freshly washed face and body).  I looked a bit more 'healthy" because I have very pale skin because I avoid the sun at most costs.  Over time I have noticed that I have more of a glow to my skin but I wouldn't say that I look like I have been sitting in a tanning bed.  So this is definitely not meant to replace tanning (in all forms).

    Personally I really have loved using this cream because it is so light on my skin and with it being summer I prefer lighter moisturisers that don't make my skin sweaty or greasy looking.

    The face moisturiser and body lotion each retail for R395 at Edgars stores.  You can also buy it online from the Red Square website.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. I'm also a white skinned person!
      But I struggle to tan. It's annoying! hehe
      This products seems great!


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