• I went for a Jean baré facial and loved it!

    It is always such a huge treat for me to have a facial.  I spend a lot of time looking after my skin so a facial is simply the ultimate in relaxation for me.  I was invited to have a Jean baré introductory facial in Brakenfell this past weekend which I couldn’t wait for.  Madré welcomed me to the Nailsforu salon.  Immediately I was so taken with her, she is very passionate about this brand and spent a good deal of time explaining the history of the brand to me.

    Jean baré is a medically orientated skincare range that is relatively new to the Western Cape region however it has a long 24 year history within South Africa.  You can visit their website to read the full history of the company.
     My facial started off with a foot soak which was so relaxing and just helped me relax and clear my mind.  The actual facial started with a double cleansing – first a gel cleanser followed by a milky cleanser.  Both products smelled so amazing.  I loved the double cleansing which I have incorporated into my daily skin care routine.  Believe me, you will definitely see and feel the difference.  Thereafter my face was exfoliated with an exfoliator containing citric acid.  It was left on my skin for a while to allow the active ingredients to do their work.  That is one thing I really loved, right from the first cleanse I could already feel the active ingredients working on my skin.  

    After the exfoliation I had a mask applied which was followed by an amazing shoulder, neck and head massage.  How amazing! And the massage was for a really good amount of time.  A lot of facials I have gone for, they don’t really leave the mask on a person for too long which is very frustrating for me.  The facial ended with the application of an eye balm, serum and moisturiser.  The best part for me was that my face was not oily or shiny after the facial.  All products were fully absorbed into my skin and I could walk out the salon without scaring people with a greasy looking face.

    I was so impressed with the products that I purchased the two cleansers and a light moisturiser.  The prices are very affordable with all three products costing me just over R400.  Much better than many other professional skincare brands.  What I found particularly pleasing was the pricelist for facials.  A classic 45min facial costs only R185 and a 75 minute targeted facial is R300.  I treated my Mom to a JB Ameo Delicate facial which she thoroughly enjoyed and I could visibly see how much better her skin looked after the treatment.

    I will definitely be going back for future facials because not only are the products impressive but Madré is such a lovely person, she made the whole experience that much better for me.  Going for treatments can sometimes be intimidating for a person (maybe it is just me) so when I find someone that can set me at ease immediately I definitely will support them.  At no point did Madré try to force me into buying products, products were mentioned during the facial but I didn't have to endure a sale pitch. 

    My thoughts of the products, I really love how the history of this product is deeply rooted in the treatment of skin conditions from a medial point of view (a big plus is that it is a South African product).  The products have been developed with natural ingredients and I could feel the active ingredients working on my skin right from the first cleanse.  That is what I look for in products, I want to be able to feel it working on my skin and not just sitting there on the surface.  I am strongly considering slowly switching over to more of their products.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Great review Charlene :)

      Now I am even more excited that they are one of the CPTBloggerMeet sponsors :)

    2. Sounds divine! I have been for a few facials and have always been so disappointed :-( I definitely think I need to give this one a try and restore my faith in facials :-)

      1. This facial won't disappoint you. Hope the email I sent you answered all your questions :)

    3. This sounds amazing! Great review, thanks Charlene

    4. This facial looks great, I'll be trying it soon. In the mean time I wanted to mention my site skin tightening treatments.

    5. I went for one today! I agree with your post 100%
      Have a great weekend x

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