• Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

    Like many other Beauty Bloggers in South Africa, I have been dying to get my hands on Urban Decay.  I was so lucky to get an Urban Decay Basics Palette as a gift.
    Urban Decay
    I specifically wanted this palette because the eyeshadows are matte with a slight sheen in a few of the shades.  These are perfect on their own to create a nice neutral eye or a more dramatic smokey eye.  All eyeshadows are well pigmented with even the lightest shade showing up well against my skin.  The eyeshadows last incredibly well throughout the day and don't crease.

    The palette is small enough to carry in your handbag and is almost half the price of the Naked 2 palette ($27 compared to $50).  Although that palette is beautiful (there is not denying that) I don't think it is all that practical for everyday wear because of the high shimmer.  When I want to add some sparkle to these eyeshadows I use my Bobbi Brown sparkle eyeshadows.

    These eyeshadows have lived up to my expectations and actually surpassed them.  The quality is really amazing and in my opinion, it is on par with brands like Bobbi Brown.  I really love that Urban Decay does not test on animals at all, to me that immediately elevates them into a total different class.

    I love Urban Decay!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I SO badly want this palette! Even more so after your review. It does look amazing xx

    2. I have really been considering this because I really want some matte shadows in neutral shades. I am getting a Naked 2 palette though. I don't have an office job so the shimmer is okay for me :) I agree brands like Urban Decay and Stila prove that you don't need to test on animals to achieve amazing quality makeup. It is totally completely unnecessary! Love your post :)

    3. I love this palette - use it every day :) Great review.

    4. This palette is gorgeous! Exactly what I want and need! Great review!
      I also agree, gorgeous brands have proven they don't need to test on animals!!

    5. I love my UD naked palette. This one is the perfect size for traveling and the colours are lovely and super pigmented it seems. :)


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