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    I shared my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette with you last week and today I am sharing the other Urban Decay product I got which is a single Eyeshadow in purple (of course) called Flash.
    The eyeshadow is an iridescent eye colour that really adds a beautiful sparkle to your makeup.  It has mini specks of shimmer within the highly pigmented eyeshadow that really adds a beautiful dimension to your your makeup.  When sunlight hits your eyeshadow it takes on a completely different and unique look.

    You need the smallest amount of this eyeshadow to over your eyelids and can be built up very easily to create the rich purple hue in the container.  I really love the packaging of this eyeshadow and it has fast become a favourite of mine.

    Although these eyeshadows are not cheap (you are looking at just under $18 each) these will last you a VERY long and they are so versatile.  I really wish Urban Decay was easy to get hold of in South Africa.

    Big Hugs,


    1. I'd love to get my Urban Decay. Where did you get yours from? BeautyBay?

    2. Replies
      1. I love it, especially because I am a fan of purple.

    3. Stunning colour! Love it!

    4. Wow this is gorgeous!! I so wish UD was easily accessible. Gorgeous products!

    5. Wow, this looks like an amazing shadow. The pigmentation looks great!


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