• UBU Smokey Eyes Brush Set

    I am always on the hunt for affordable makeup brushes that are good quality and effective at applying makeup.  That is pretty much what I have found with this lovely Smokey Eyeshadow Brush set from UBU Cosmetics.
    The set comes with 3 different brushes - a wide eyeshadow brush for general eyeshadow application to the eyelid; a tapered eyeliner brush for lining the upper eyelid; and a small blending brush that is perfect for applying darker shades to the outer and inner corners of your eyes.

    The brush bristles are made of synthetic material which means that don't really absorb the eyeshadows.  They pick up and transfer eyeshadow rather well and are very easy to clean after use.  The handles are made of thick light-weigh plastic that makes it very easy to control the application of your eyeshadows.

    These brushes are available at clicks for R64 for the pack of three brushes.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I should really look out for this set next time I go to Clicks! I've been using UBU's pink blush brush for ages. It's great for blusher and for setting your makeup with translucent powder. I do wish the brushes were a bit softer and more luxurious though but that's just a small complaint.

    2. I must look out for these next time I pop into Clicks. I am in desperate need of some brushes. At the purple tips make these so much fun to look at :-)

    3. That is quite affordable!

    4. I have a few UBU brushes. Love them. Great review!

    5. Great review! I have recently started using an UBU gel eyeliner brush for my polish cleanup and is much better and longer lasting than any of the others I've used before.

    6. That blending brush looks A LOT like a MAC 217 brush (the shape), although the MAC brush is made of natural bristles.

      These brushes are perfect for students because they are so affordable.


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