• Manicure Monday

    Recently I purchased my first Zoya nail polishes and was so excited when they arrived.  I chose a colour called Pandora.
    I love nude shades like this and immediately fell in love with the colour.  It is such a beautifully femanine colour.  I had quite high expectations for this nail polish because many bloggers and beauty sites claim that this is the longest lasting nail polish on the market.  My verdict....it most definitely is!  I got over 5 days of chip free wear out of my 2 coats and only took it off becuase on the tips it was starting to wear down because I spend over 10 hours a day typing away on a keyboard.  The brush is also very good at applying the nail polish evenly with almost no streaks.  Another great thing about this nail polish is made of natural ingredients.  This is a wonderful nail polish brand and I'll definitely be ordering a few more.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. This is so pretty! I love that is looks like a natural nail color.

      Amina || Blog ||Oh Just One More

    2. Absolutely gorgeous colour polish and a perfect review! x


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