• Guerlain and Candice-Lee Workshop

    I have been an avid fan of Candice-Lee's blog In My Bag since it first started in May this year.  When I saw that she was co-hosting a workshop with Guerlain I just had to grab tickets for my Mom and I.  The event was held at the beautiful Salero restaurant in the V&A Waterfront last week Friday.
    We were warmly welcomed by Candice-Lee and Luisa Malan (Guerlain's SA Marketing Manager) to a beautiful table decorated with Guerlain perfume bottles.  I had previously met Candice briefly at an event I attended earlier this year so it was great to see her again and chat a bit more.  I have such a deep admiration of her that I do have to tell myself to not say anything that will make me look like a dork in front of her.  Luckily I got through the hellos and conversation ok (I hope!).  My Mom and I settled into our seats for the evening and starting smelling all the Guerlain perfumes within our grasp while sipping on sparkling wine.  As the ladies started to arrive the chatter started and everyone got along so well.

    Candice-Lee kicked off the evening highlighting her '10 items that form the building blocks to a successful waredrobe' and after each item was discussed we were taken through a pairing of the Guerlain products by Luisa.  Here is a list of the ten must have items:

    1. Pinstripe Suit - preferably in navy.
    2. Little Black Dress - the simpler the better.
    3. Black Trousers - choose ones that flatter your figure and skim the floor in length.
    4. Fitted White Shirt - Fitted but loose enough that it does not stretch across the breasts.
    5. Breton Stripe Shirt - the classic colour is navy and white. The shirt can easily be dressed up or down to suit most occasions.
    6. Denim Jeans - again, choose a cut that is flattering as well as a colour and style that is timeless.  Ensure it is well fitted and made of good quality denim.
    7. Leather Jacket - ensure the lining is made of good quality fabric and that the zipper or buttons are equally of good quality.
    8. Classic trench coat - choose a classic colour and again pay attention to the lining, buttons or zipper to ensure they are of good quality. It might be better to get a size bigger to allow for extra layers to be worn underneath.
    9. High Heels - a good pair of classic leather heels is a must. Choose a style that won't easily date and one that is comfortable.
    10. Leather Handbag - invest in a handbag that is made of good quality leather that is simple in style. If looked after properly it will last you years.  Spend a little extra to ensure that you get the best quality that you can afford.
    Unfortunately I was focused on getting Candice's advice down (scribbling on a napkin because I forgot a notebook) that I didn't get all the Guerlain product names down.  But all the perfume and makeup advice was so useful and I definitely learned so much.  Here are a few things I personally found interesting during Luisa's makeup and perfume talks:
    • Guerlain is 187 years old and originated in France as a pure makeup, perfume and beauty brand - they did not start as a fashion brand like Chanel and Dior then branch out into makeup.
    • Guerlain was the first makeup house to create the stick format lipstick that we all know and love.
    • Never pump a mascara wand inside the tube.  We all know it dries out your mascara by forcing air inside the tube, but a good mascara's tube is designed to only allow the correct amount of product on the wand.  If you get excess product on the wand it means you have a poor quality product.
    • Bronzer should only be a little bit darker than your skin's natural shade.  You need two shades of bronzer - one for summer and one for winter.  Apply the bronzer in a number 3 starting at your forehead, brushing around your eyes over your cheeks and back around along your jawline.  Brush a little bronzer down the side of your neck, over your nose and chin to complete the bronzed look.  Never apply bronzer directly under your eyes or under your nose as you will look fake - only bronze where the sun naturally hits your skin.
    • I love smokey eye look (mostly in browns and purples) and with this you have to blend all the time while creating texture.  If you do not have an eyelid primer you can use foundation.
    Guerlain is definitely a brand I am adding to my special wishlist.  I was so taken with all the Guerlain products - it is pure luxury on a level that you cannot even begin to imagine.  I have admired Guerlain's products on pinterest and on their website but never had the guts to go up the the stand in Edgars to look at them in person.  I know it is very exclusive and very high-end.  It was such a treat to get see some of the products - especially the beautiful Meteorites Perles powder and Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick that has a built in mirror that flips open as you pull the lipstick out.

    We received the most amazing goodie bag from Guerlain filled with beautiful mini versions of a few of their products.  Perfume and skin care products are two of my favourite products so this goodie bag made me shriek with joy.  
    Although events can be rather intimidating, I really am starting to settle into them better once I am there.  I realised that attending the right kinds of events, like this workshop, makes all the difference and it really is so enjoyable (especially when I can share it with my Mom).

    Cape Town ladies, if Candice-Lee has another workshop I strongly suggest you book your ticket.  It was so much fun and Candice-Lee is such a wonderful lady - I am simply in awe of her.

    Big hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Don't forget to pop by Candice-Lee's amazing blog - In My Bag.


    1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Those samples look amazing!

      1. Those aren't samples, they are minis :D So a lot more luxurious and bigger than traditional samples. We were very spoiled!

    2. Hey Charlene, what a lovely post - thanks you. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the event and there will most definitely be more to come. XXXX Candice

    3. I would have loved to have gone! Such a pity that I can't do anything in the evenings. I hope she has a Saturday lunch time event at some point :)
      If I knew you were going to be there I might not have a panic attack. Also, of the list of must-have's I only have jeans, a handbag and high heels. Oops... haha

      1. I also don't have everything on the list! It was so informative and so much fun. When the next event comes along I'll let you know if I will be there :)

    4. Sounds like a great time! I also find events very intimidating :( I'll have to just suck it up and grab tickets for the next one. Enjoy those perfumes! We know how much you love them :) xxx

      1. You definitely should come. Just check in with me to see if I will be there and you are welcome to stick with me (I will welcome the company as well!). And I do LOVE the perfumes! I think my next giveaway should be a perfume one :D XXX

    5. Looks like you had such a great time! :) I love the goodie bags - what a treat xx

      1. The goodie bag really made me such a happy lady!

    6. Looked like a fabulous event. I also always get so nervous when it comes to events. I met Candice-Lee at the Pond's event - she's lovely, but I was super intimidated.

      Those samples look amazing. Enjoy xx

      Great list of clothing must-haves. I only have a few of those though. Oops!

      1. It was such a great evening. Although I still chicken out of certain events :P Candice-Lee is such a lovely person, don't know why we all feel intimidated. I also don't have many of the items - but at least I have a list to work off now :)


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