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    Events can be rather intimidating to attend, especially for people who are like me.  I am not the type of person who can easily make small talk with strangers because I truly have no idea what to say to strangers when I first meet them.  However when I received the email informing ladies of Beauty Bulletin's Dermalogica Event in Cape Town I just had to submit my name for consideration.  I really love looking after my skin so this type of event was something I could not miss despite my hesitation to attend beauty events.
    Dermalogica Skin Care

    The Beauty Bulletin Dermalogica event was held in the very beautiful Dermalogica on Wembly store in Cape Town.  Walking into the store I was welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine by one of the friendly Dermalogica ladies.  The store is so beautiful and just being there felt like a treat on its own.  We we were split into 3 groups for the morning.  With me being in Group 2, I started off with an informative presentation on Dermalogica's skin philosophy where the difference between Skin Therapy and Skin beauty was covered.  I learned so much about different skin types, skin conditions and what causes the most damage to our skin - ladies, wear sunblock even if you are behind a PC screen all day! I had no idea we get UV damage from PC screens and fluorescent lighting. One should apply sunblock throughout the day to ensure our skin in constantly protected, even when we are indoors.  The talk was so interactive and so much fun, the time literally flew by which is rare in presentations - that's how great our presenter was.

    Thereafter my group moved to the skin bar in the front of the store, where we gave ourselves a facial on our hands.  It was a practical education session on what products to use and a pure indulgence because very few people actually look after their hands well.  Hands show signs of ageing just as much as our faces do, so it makes sense to follow a good skin care routine on them as you do with your face.  My hands felt amazing and I had so much fun chatting to Nadia and Natasha while we were pampering ourselves.

    We had a slight break before our last session where we enjoyed good conversation and delicious food.  I then made my way to the micro-zone treatment room for a 20 minute targeted area treatment with face mapping. The biggest problem with my skin is dehydration.  Working in an air conditioned office and not always ensuring I drink at least 8 glasses of water, I know my entire body is deprived of moisture.  I had such a fantastic treatment where my therapist, Fatima discussed each product used on me and also completed a "prescription" for me to help treat my dehydrated skin condition.  I loved that I knew what products I need to help treat my skin because often one does walk into a store and you simply don't know what to get.  I strongly suggest that you have a face mapping session to see what your true problems are.  I heard so many ladies discussing how they thought they had oily or combination skin but in actual fact their skin was dry and producing excess oil to try to compensate for the dryness.  A 20 minute micro zone treatment is only R280 which is so affordable as you get an entire facial routine within that time that specifically targets your problem areas.  It is perfect for people who are in a hurry or need to watch their budget.  I can personally appreciate that it is budget friendly as I cannot justify a R600 facial twice a month, even once a month is pushing it for me.

    The Beauty Bulletin and Dermalogica ladies made sure we were all well looked after throughout the entire event.  For me the best part of this event was that the fellow Beauty Bulletin website members were so down to earth and made the whole event so much more enjoyable.  I have been to other beauty events where I felt so out of place and plain uncomfortable because I am not in the industry and don't make a living off it.  It was so refreshing to attend an event where I felt comfortable and actually thoroughly enjoyed being there.  Thank you so much to Kerri and the other Beauty Bulletin ladies for organising this event.  The Dermalogica ladies truly pampered us and made the morning so enjoyable.  I truly hope these events become more regular so that more ladies can join in on the fun.  I personally would love to see some of the ladies I met again and to meet those I wasn't in a group with.  Beauty Bulletin, I give this event two thumbs up!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. I have been a member of the Beauty Bulletin website for a long while now and even though I don't always have time to review products there, it is great to go  in and see what other people think of products.  If you have not yet visited the website you are seriously missing out!


    1. I so did not know about Beauty Bulletin and you were right...I've been missing out majorly!!!

      Glad you had a great time :-)

      1. My username on Beauty Bulletin is SMTCHA022 - add me as a friend and I'll add you back :)

    2. I love Beauty Bulletin!!!!

    3. Sounds like a great event and good for you for going and doing something you weren't perhaps 100% comfortable with :o). Xx



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