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    The few Topshop products I have really impressed me so much.  Not only is the packaging amazing, but the quality of the products have really surprised me in such a good way.  Another one of the products that bought a while back (but haven't had time to do a review of) is a Lip Tint in shade Jewel.
    Lip tint Jewel

    This lip tint is very misleading when you first look at it.  At first I thought it was going to be a very bright orange but when I applied it to my skin I was quite shocked to see that it was a beautiful subtle pink shade.  I personally prefer lip tints for everyday wear because lip tints tend to fade more evenly and you aren't left with weird blotchy looking lips.

    As mentioned, the lip tint is a beautiful soft pink that to me is a perfect everyday colour.  The products glides on smoothly and gives you a beautifully consistent colour with one pass over your lips.  I didn't have high expectations for the longevity of the lip tint because it isn't meant to be a lip stain, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the colour lasted on my lips.  When it started to fade it did so in a manner that made it look like my lips were naturally "flushed".  The lip tint also moisturiser very well so there isn't a real need to apply lip balm before using this.

    All in all I am very happy with how this product performed, especially considering that it is only R139.00.  Another great thing is that you can shop using your Edgar's account, or like me you can earn Edgar's "Thank You" points to redeem in future.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Just goes to show you should always try to swatch something on your hand, I would NEVER have thought it would turn out to be such a pretty shade of pink!

    2. WOW incredible! Looks orange but pink on your hand!

    3. Very interesting! I don't think I have ever tried anything like this. Never would have thought it was pink. Wonder if there is in fact an orangey one? I haven't even been to Topshop yet, sick I know. I must get there when the Canal Walk store opens :)

      1. Topshop has some great eyeshadow palettes and nail polishes. I haven't been back since I went there to get your nail polish for the Bandwagon box. But some really great products.

    4. How gorgeous! I would've been a bit worried when I saw the bright orange but it looks gorgeous. So glad you tried it!

      I have only been to TopShop once and didn't even look at their cosmetics. I definitely must make a plan to go soon!


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