• Inglot Color Play Mascara

    I have mentioned before that I love wearing purple eyeshadows and grabbed this off the shelf as soon as I saw it in Inglot.  I have had this mascara for a long while now but I just haven't gotten around to reviewing it.
    Colour Play Mascara
    It proved to be very difficult for me to photograph the purple colour on my lashes because it isn't all that noticeable all the time.  But it clearly does enhance purple eyeshadows and brings out the green and brown shades in my eyes.  In certain lighting you can clearly see the purple colour and a few people have asked me about this mascara.  What I like about this being so subtle at times is that I can wear it to work as well.

    The Colour Play Mascaras sell for R149 which to me is not bad at all because the quality of the mascara is great.  My lashes look longer and are nicely defined with the bristled brush.  The mascara has a good formulation that does not clump or smudge.

    The Colour Play Collection has Purple, Green, Navy, Turquoise, Bright Blue and Brown.  you can view the range on the Inglot Website.

    Let me know what you think.

    Big Hugs.
    Charlene XXX


    1. Definitely brings out the green in your eyes! Looks gorgeous, Charlene!

    2. It really does bring out the green in your eyes! And that price is not bad at all!! Their store always looks expensive and intimidating so I have yet to pop in and have a look but I think I must muster up the courage and go and see their collection :-)

    3. This is so beautiful! I want it now!

    4. This is so pretty!!!
      Have to give it a try as I also have green eyes!

    5. It is very pretty and perfect for you. I would love to try the turquoise as that's one of my favourite colours. Just for a bit of fun in summer, occasionally. :)

    6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Looking nice. But those of we are having very thin and short eyelashes, applying mascara can't help it. Moreover, many of us are afraid of using mascara thinking that our lashes will fall off. That is why, the popularity of eyelash extensions is creasing day by day. Different types of material and curl types of lashes attract fashionable women very much. In addition to the normal black or brown lashes, Color Lashes is now the trend. To make oneself more trendy and fashionable, having color lashes is the best option. To know more about eyelash extensions, eyelash types and eyelash extensions products please visit the site.

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