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    A while back I bought a trail pack of Esse products to take with me for weekends away and for when I go to spas for treatments.  I currently use the Esse Eye and Lip Cream as well as the Face Serum.  Both products are really amazing so I was excited to try out all the products in the trail kit (available at Wellness Warehouse for R149).
    The Trail Pack comes with 5 producst housed in a beautiful wooden box that I will definitely hold on to once I have used up all my products.  The set contains a Cream Cleanser, Toner, Gel Cleanser, Cream Mask and Rich Moisturiser. Each of these products are in beautiful little glass bottles which can be washed and refilled with products.  It is a concept that I really love.

    Cream Cleanser is a rich, soft cleanser that is perfect for dry skin.  At times I struggle with dehydrated skin and I find this to be better on my skin than a gel cleanser.  I am not a huge fan of cream cleansers because I like foam in my face wash but there are times where my skin needs the extra moisture and that is where this little bottle steps in nicely into my routine.

    The Gel Cleanser is something I really love and once I finish my current face wash I will be replacing it with a full size of this Esse cleanser.  It foams up well and removes my makeup very easily, yet it is gentle on my skin.  Often gel cleansers tend to remove a lot of your natural oils and strips the moisture out of your skin, but my skin never feels tight and dry after using this cleanser.  It is really wonderful.

    When it comes to toners, I tend to be lazy and skip that step.  That being said, when I use a toner religiously I do notice an improvement in the appearance of my skin.  This Esse Toner does not contain alcohol which is great because you don't experience any stinging or irritation when using it.  It is enriched with wonderful extracts and Citric Acid which nourishes the skin.  The toner can be used throughout the day to refresh skin and definitely will be wonderful to use in summer.

    The Rich Moisturiser has been perfect for these cold winter months in Cape Town.  My skin has not liked the cold, wet weather and has been rather dehydrated.  The moisturiser, although thick, absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave a thick film on your skin.  I don't like it when creams sit on the surface of my skin and hate having a greasy looking skin.  This mosituriser hydrates the skin very well and because it is fully absorbed you know you are getting your money's worth.  This is a must for those who suffer with incredibly dry skin.

    I am a huge fan of masks and this Cream Mask is very rich and hydrating.  The ingredients in this product are amazing and it is very evident how wonderful the ingredients are after the very first use.  When I battle with dehydrated skin I leave this on for 5 - 10 minutes depending on how dry my skin feels.  It is recommended to leave this on for 5 minutes but because the ingrdients are mostly all natural and organic there isn't any real harm to leave it on for a little longer.  I think in the summer months I will be needing a full size of this because being in the sun and water a lot will require me to amp up my skin's nourishment.

    All in all, I am incredibly happy with this trail pack.  Not only has this allowed me to fully test out all the products but it has definitely made me want to switch my current products to a few of these.  The Trail Pack also comes in a Combination / Sensitive skin pack.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Ooh, these sound great! I think I need to get my hands on one of these kits. I love that you can try out the whole regime before committing to buying full-sized products!

    2. What a nice variety for that price, love it. I love that the packaging is reusable that is a win for me.

      Meg | meghansilva.blogspot.com

    3. I would definitely like to get the cream mask! I have been considering the Decleor hydra floral mask but this would be more affordable.

    4. Everything sounds lovely. Great little package and very reasonably priced xx

    5. Hi! Great recommendation, I'm very tempted! How long did the products last you? x


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