• Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette

    I mentioned before how I ended up with this palette so I will set that aside and just go into a review of the colours I chose (you can read that post here).  There is no denying that this is an impressive palette and it is definitely very pretty to look at.  Most of the shades that were available were reflective, sparkle shades so that is what I went for.
    Because these are mainly sparkle and reflective eyeshadows you have to use a base eyeshadow to really notice them.  The swatches from bottom are Shimmer Wash in Lilac (7), Sparkle Eye Shadow in Silver Lilac (26), Sparkle Eye Shadow in Pebble (25),  Sparkle Eye Shadow in Sunlight (6), Sparkle Eye Shadow in Taupe (21) and lastly Sparkle Eye Shadow in Allspice (28). The first 3 swatches are of the bottom row of the palette and the last 3 swatches are of the top row, going from left to right.

    As previously mentioned you have to use a base eyeshadow in order to see how these sparkle eyeshadows truly show up.  I have one photo here of the top row of eyeshadows using a simply cream brown eyeshadow as a base.  Once you have a base the colours show up a lot better and you can see the beautiful effect of the eyeshadows.  I have the purple look in a post I did earlier in the week on the Inglot Colour Play Mascara (Click here to view it).  

    So these are great for adding some sparkle to your eyes but one also needs to be careful when applying these.  If you have fine lines around your eyes, the sparkles will settle in them and accentuate it - so try your best to control the application in the outer corners of your eyes.

    I am sure I'll have more fun playing around with these and I am learning to forget about the steep pricetag of these (R390 each for the Sparkle Eye Shadow and R295 for the Shimmer Wash).

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Oh the gorgeousness that is that pallet and the colours you chose!

      Although a heart stopping purchase at the time, its definitely one well worth the slight heart attack :-)

    2. WOW! It looks so beautiful! Can you post a photo with your eyes closd as well? Would love to see the eyelid more. You do eye make up very well Charlene!

      1. I will do a look post if you like or post a photo on Twitter when I next do my eyes and have decent lighting :)

    3. It looks beautiful! I have a plan instead of getting the Bobbi Brown palette I love, rather to go to Inglot and create my own palette and look for very similar shades to recreate it. I am sure it will cost much less and they should have replicas of a lot of the colours. Does Inglot have sparkle ones, do you know? Anyway, your palette is gorgeous and looks great on you!

      1. Inglot has eyeshadow with shimmer in them. The 5 colour palette costs R89 and the eyeshadows are R89 each. So the total cost would be R534 for 5 eyeshadows. The Lancôme is R465 and Dior is around R660 a palette - both having 5 colours. Choice choices :P

    4. But this way I can get a mixture of matte shades and shimmer, and the exact colours I want. I really want some matte shadows in taupe and beige, and shimmer in bronze and taupe colours. And I could do two or three shadows to start and get the next two the next month, to spread the cost out. Or do a three shadow palette with two mattes and a shimmer.


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