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    I have heard so much about Gelish that on a whim my Sister and I decided to try it out for ourselves.  I thought if I am going to have a nail polish on for 2 - 3 weeks I am definitely going for a subtle colour.
    Light Elegance
    Gelish in Light Elegance
    I have really struggled to get a photo to show the true colour of this nail colour.  It is subtle but the pink is slightly more pink than in the photo above.

    One thing I really love about gelish is the fact that it is baked dry within a few seconds under a lamp.  I hate waiting for nail polish to dry.  So many times I have gone for a manicure and smudged the nail polish as I left the salon or the nail polish has chipped a day or two afterwards.  I just feel so robbed after that.  So for a little bit extra gelish seems to be the logical choice to make.

    Gelish lasts incredibly well.  I have worn mine for over a week with no loss in shine or any damage to it what so ever.  The only "problem' is that as your nails grow your nails show and this makes it look a little funny.  I started getting this after a week.  So depending on how quickly your nails grow, you might have to have this removed after a week and a half.  I am going to push mine a little longer and then have it soaked off.

    What I don't particularly like is that one can't remove the nail polish yourself.  You have to have use special soak off liquid.  You also need to give your nails a break for at least a week.

    I haven't experienced any damage to my nails.  When I asked the therapist why people complain about it she said it is often because people try to peel the gel off their nails and because the gel is bonded to your nails, you damage them when you try to remove the gel in an incorrect way.  So pay the money to have the soak off done.  Sorbet charges only R30 to have gelish removed.

    Will have have gelish done again?....Most definitely!

    Let me know if you have had gelish done or shellac.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. That colour looks really pretty on you. Does it have a bit of shimmer?
      I have never tried gellish or anything similar. I think mostly because I change my polish so often. If I was inclined to wear my polish for longer I would definitely try this though.

      Happy to see you mentioned how bad it is for your nails to try and take it off yourself (without soaking)

      Great post!

      1. Thank you Michelle. The colour does have shimmer to it.

    2. I have to say that if you heading on a holiday gelish nails come in handy no stress about ugly nails haha .

    3. great post your nails looks very pretty........

    4. These are so pretty! I love it!

      1. It is such a pretty colour. Can't wait to go again :)

    5. I love the colour, have you tried sensationail? They have a range of amazing colours!

      1. I haven't tried it, will take a look. Thanks for letting me know!


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