• Smashbox Love Me Blush

    Blush! Oh, how I love Blush!  Two things I love the most in my makeup collection are my mascaras and blush.  When I won the smashbox goodies from Nicloe of Princess Noo, I was most excited about the beautiful blush even more so because it was even on my Birthday Wish List this year.
    The blush has the beautiful Love Me design pressed into the powder and it makes me so sad to brush over it.  I am currently using just the top right corner of the blush so that I don't destroy the pretty design.  But at R220 for this blush, it is incredibly affordable so I could always get myself one just to look at.  The blush is highly pigmented which means you need to have a light hand with your brush to only pick up only a little amount.  Once applied, the blush lasts incredibly well.  I apply the blush immediately after moisturising when my skin is still "damp" from the cream.  When I apply it using that method my skin absorbs some of the colour and I get a nice, natural glow on my cheeks.  I don't wear foundation so this works for me.  However when I do apply this on top on a BB cream it lasts equally as well.

    In my previous posts this week I showed off the completed look so I won't plaster my face in this post as well.  But this blush is truly amazing and definitely one of my favourites.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Everything about this seems perfect. The color, packaging and price!
      It really looks beautiful :)

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

    2. Lovely review - you know I'm a sucker for blush and beautiful packaging. xx

    3. Stunning Review. This blush is so pretty and the pattern on it. I'd hate to spoil the pattern on it. Love Your brush too.

      1. Thank you. I am struggling to bring myself to brush over the pattern.

    4. great review and I love that it is so pigmented means a little goes a long way and it would last.

      Meghan Silva's Blog

      1. It definitely last very long. Such great value.

    5. Great review :) I'm also one of those people who are loathe to destroy the prettyness. I even hate using a lipstick for the first time and destroying that smooth tip.

      This must look gorgeous on you :)


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