• Smashbox Entice Me Eye Shadow Palette

    Continuing my reviews of the Smashbox Love Me range, I will reviewing the beautiful eye shadow palette in Entice Me.
    I love the packaging of the palette with the cute Love Me piece of plastic that lifts up to fully expose the eye shadows.  I really love the fact the the palette has a little guide on the bottom because it does help one with the placement of colours.  Initially when you get a palette you aren't always certain where certain colours should be used, so I liked the guide.

    The 5 colours compliment each other beautifully and are so easy to apply.  The powders have a creamy texture and are highly pigmented.  They last incredibly well throughout the day but can easily be removed with some makeup remover or with some face wash.

    I have never worn blue eye shadows before because growing up my eyes were dark brown and I have a bit of a mental block with it.  But this was the perfect opportunity to play around because this palette does have touches of blue without it being overpowering.

    The eye shadow palette retails for R390 and completely worth it in my opinion.

    Big hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I love the packaging! And it is great to see what each individual colour looks like on skin. I always look so longingly at the Smashbox stand!! Your finished look is beautiful! I did read the lip gloss post but didn't get around to commenting and saying so. :)

    2. Thank you Bronwyn glad you like the pics. I am definitely starting to fall in love with Smashbox :) XXX

    3. I love the colours I'm all for gorgeous browns but before even looking at the colours I'm sold on the packaging , great review xo

      Meghan Silva's Blog

    4. I love that it has so many neutrals :) The blue is so dark it could possibly be a black so I wouldn't mind wearing it!

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

      1. The dark blue is beautiful. Has subtle glitter in it.


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