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    I have received a few requests to share more personal posts on my blog.  I thought I would start using the Feel Good Friday posts to share a few things with all of you.  Moments that made me happy and things that I like.  So let me kick off the first week of personal Feel Good Friday posts!
    Photo taken by my Dad in 2008
    I love animals!  One special moment I have is when a Jackal came over to the fence and licked my hand at the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, which is about halfway between Plettenberg Bay and Jeffreys Bay.  I simply LOVE visiting this sanctuary whenever I am touring through the Garden Route.  The sanctuary aims to protect and rehabilitate animals of all kinds - wolves, jackals, wild dogs and even unwanted pets.  What is even more remarkable about this sanctuary is that it is the only registered non-profit wolf sanctuary in South Africa. It is not often that we get to interact with animals like this and I treasure this memory.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. I know this goes without saying but one obviously has to be careful when sticking your hands in areas that contain wild animals.  I could tell from the Jackal's behaviour that he was a sweetheart and it was safe for me to place my hand near the fence.


    1. Hi sounds awesome:) I did not even know we have such a place.But now I do:)

      Wishing you a fabulous weekend!xxx

    2. So cute! I love these posts. Have a fab weekend :) xx

      1. Thank you Chicara. It is such a special moment for me so I am happy people have enjoyed this post :)

    3. Gorgeous pic , nice hearing a personal memory .

      Meghan Silva's Blog

    4. So sweet ~ I know that feeling, I adore animals too and you had such a special moment with this little guy :)

    5. Hehe I like the warning at the bottom. :)

      1. It is a little funny but I thought I better put that in, in case people visit they and get bitten by just sticking their hands into the enclosures.

    6. That is such an adorable picture. Theres just something about animals that is so calming :)

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More


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