• Thank You @PrincessNoo!

    I was SO VERY lucky to win a wonderful giveaway on Nicole's blog, Princess Noo - a whole collection of Smashbox makeup products that I simply love!
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    I always love the way Nicole wraps her gifts and this was no exception.  Everything was so beautiful.  At first I was busy unwrapping things nicely, but then I got too excited and starting ripping things open.  I won a Smashbox blush, lipgloss, eye liner and eyeshadow palette.  They are everything I had hoped for.  I did a Wishing Wednesday post on this range back in February.  So a lesson is to be learned from this, never stop wishing or dreaming!

    An extra in my prize was a "little" Birthday Gift for me...
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    I am seriously blown away by this beautiful Estee Lauder Nail Polish.  Nicole knows that I love purple and chose an amazing jewel purple colour for me.  Thank you so very much Nicole, you are such a special person! I have been wanting an Estee Lauder product for ages.

    I will be posting reviews on all these amazing products very soon.  I just wanted to put this post together to thank Nicole for the amazing prize and for hosting such a generous giveaway on her blog.  So head over to her blog now so that you don't miss out on great blog posts and future giveaways.

    Blog: http://www.princessnoo.com/
    Twitter: @PrincessNoo 


    1. Wow! It's people like you who make giving an absolute joy. Thank you for this beautiful post, it means a lot. I'm so glad you love your goodies. Enjoy *huge hugs* :) xxx

      1. I love it! So many people thought it was gelish!

    2. Such an awesome prize and so sweet of Nicole to send a Birthday gift as well :)

    3. A well deserved prize winner!!

      That polish is AMAZING!!!! Love the colour!

      1. I know! I am VERY lucky. Nicole is simply amazing!


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