• Finally made it to Topshop

    I finally made it to Topshop in Cape Town, but being a beauty blogger I naturally headed straight for the makeup stand.  I really love the packaging.
    Topshop Nail polish, Lip tints and Nail varnish remover pads.
    I was really pleasantly surprised by the products available and the price thereof.  Nail polishes retail for R89, Lip tints are R113 and Nail Polish remover pads are R29.  There are also makeup brushes for just over R100 each; Smokey eyeshadow palettes R249 and lipsticks around R139.  I will be posting full reviews very soon of all the products I bought.


    1. I agree, the packaging is very cool! Pleasantly surprised about the pricing. Looking forward to the reviews :)

      1. So far I have had the nail polish on since Saturday and it has only chipped off one nail :) Very impressed so far. But the store doesn't have any winter nail polish colours in - mostly neons.

    2. Exciting!!!
      Cannot wait to read the reviews!

    3. I love their packaging. A few rubyboxes/glamboxes ago we got makeup brushes that reminded me so much of the Top Shop packaging. :)

    4. Yay! I stopped in there the other day and then realized I had forgotten my purse in the car. Genius I tell you. I am going to get the cream blush this weekend. Heard so many great things about it. I will buy a lipstick from them once I hear a review from you :)


    5. So happy you finally got to find some Top Shop goodies. Looking forward to hear what you think of all the products!!


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