• Estee Lauder Pure Colour - Smashed

    I have been so very blessed to be spoiled to so many great gifts over my Birthday.  One of these gifts was an Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Laquer in Smashed.
    This nail polish comes in beautiful packaging and just screams luxury.  The brush applies the polish very easily and the handle is easy to grip so that you are in complete control of the brush.  The nail polish itself has so many different dimensions to it - a deep purple with shine and shimmer.  The nail polish requires two layers, each one drying very quickly.  I have gotten 5 days of chip free wear out of this.  A lot of people asked me if I was wearing gelish nail polish while wearing this.  

    P.S. Thank you once again to Nicole (PrincessNoo) for gifting me with this beautiful nail polish.


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      1. I usually never wear dark colours like this, but this is so amazing! I love it!

    2. Oh I love quality nail polish!


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