• Chanel Powder Blush

    I have had MANY posts on my blog all about how I am longing to own a Chanel makeup product.  I would pretty much settle for anything from the Chanel stand.  For my Birthday I was lucky enough to be treated to an AMAZING blush in shade 65 Espiegle.
    I love wearing blush and usually I go for light pinks or almost rosy colours, this blush is a beautiful peachy, pink colour that suits my skin tone perfectly.  I am (very) pale because I choose to stay out of the sun, so it does mean that I have to be careful with the colours I choose to wear.  This blush has a colour that warms my skin tone and blends in perfectly to create a natural warmth on my cheeks.  I adore it!

    The powder is a silky smooth consistency that is easily picked up by a makeup brush and transfers well only the skin.  I don't really use the little brush in the compact but the little brush is really fantastic.  It makes me want to invest in some Chanel makeup brushes...but back to the blush now.  The powder is perfectly pigmented in that you need very little to get a beautiful warm colour on your skin.  In the photo above you can see how it has added warmth to my skin.  I had to apply quite a bit of the blush for it to show up in the photo (as will all makeup) but one can see how it warms up my pale skin.

    Another thing that I really love about this blush, it is scented!  At first when I was applying my makeup, I couldn't understand why I was smelling a subtle rose scent.  I then sniffed my blush brush and realised the blush is subtly rose scented - simple touches like this elevates a product immediately!  I really really really love this blush!

    Visit the Chanel website to see all the shades that are available.


    1. I want something from Chanel too!! I desperately want the Les Beiges powder makeup. I think next time I have some extra money I am just going to get it... It can be my secret guilty pleasure!

      1. I have been tempted to pay the stand a visit just to see how much things cost :P

    2. This looks like such a pretty blush!

    3. You are so lucky :)
      Its a beautiful blush x


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