• Wishing Wednesday

    It's my Birthday in only 10 days and if I had my way, I would have any of these amazing products! I just love makeup in these colours and obviously any mascara from Dior or Chanel!
    Dior | Chanel
    I am not expecting to be treated to anything this extravagant but a girl is allowed to wish out loud every now and then.


    1. I've always said I just want one thing from Dior and one thing from Chanel and my makeup bag would be complete! :)
      But I am trying to be serious about the animal testing,so if I refuse to touch MAC then I must refuse to touch these as well... Hope they hurry up and get on the cruelty-free list!

      1. I will definitely be researching this :)

    2. Dior and Chanel just screams luxury! A girl can only dream :)



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