• Wishing Wednesday

    Last week I did a post on the Le Creuset coffee plunger that I wanted so badly and I am VERY happy to say that another one of my Wishing Wednesday posts came true.  With the coffee plunger all sorted, now I have my eye on the beautiful Cappuccino mugs.  To me they are the perfect sized mugs for coffee and look so beautiful.
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    I am quite torn between the colour combinations to go for.  I know I want at least 6 mugs but can't decide if I want 2 of 3 colours (purple being one of the options) or 6 different colour ones.
    My favourite combination (so far) is the Cassis (Purple); Marseille Blue and White.  But then I also like the Caribbean Blue, White and Cassis....so many choices!  Le Creuset is clever with all these amazing colours - I want them all!!!

    View the amazing range online or on YuppieChef website.


    1. Love these! If I had to get them, I would probably end up choosing 3 of the orange and 3 of the blue at the end :)

    2. I got my best friend 4 of the blue ones for her Birthday last year. They're awesome. :)

    3. Very nice! I would love the purple and light blue. Kind of like a peacock feel :)

    4. These wishlists are really working out in our favour ;)

      Congrats on the plunger, and i hope you get these too :)


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