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    Ofra Cosmetics recently requested to send me a product to review and asked me to select something from their wide range of products.  I chose a blush because my current blush is almost completely finished.  It was such a nice feeling opening up a new blush and brushing my brush across the perfect surface.  It's the best feeling using a new product!
    Blush Pink Satin
    Ofra Satin Pink Blush
    I am a huge fan of blush and wear it practically everyday.  The blush Ofra sent me is a pink satin colour that is absolutely perfect for my skin tone.  The product is easily picked up with a makeup brush and transfers easily onto the skin.  The blush blends well and can be built up to a darker pink shade, although it doesn't get a dark rosy pink.  I personally like that because it does mean that I don't have to worry about applying too much.  What I especially love about this blush is that it matte that gives my skin a natural pink glow.  The blush lasted an entire day on my skin which is exactly what I look for in a blush.  I never really touch up my makeup during the day so I look for products that will last well throughout the day - this blush fits that bill perfectly.  At the end of a long day  the blush washes off incredibly easily with warm water and a bit of face wash.  All in all I am incredibly happy with with blush and will definitely like to try out many more of Ofra's cosmetics if they are all going to perform like this.
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    You can purchase Ofra cosmetics from their online store.  Follow Ofra Cosmetics on Twitter and Facebook.  The blush I was sent retails for R147.74.

    My blush tip:
    Apply your blush straight on your skin after you have moisturised and then apply your foundation or powder.  This creates a natural looking glow.  If you want a little more colour then simply add a touch more blush after you have finished your makeup.  Applying it this way also ensures that you have rosy cheeks all day long.


    1. Lucky lady - this is a gorgeous colour :) xx

    2. I'm dying to get my paws on the OFRA range... I think that will be my next splurge!

      1. I definitely want to try the mascara and eye shadows

    3. Great tip! I'll definitely be trying it tomorrow morning. LOVE Ofra's products - their primer is one of the best I've tried.

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