• Manicure Monday

    Lately I have been semi-obsessed with metallic, glittery shades of gold and bronze.  I spotted an amazing metallic bottle of nail polish from Woolworths for R70.

    What I liked about this nail polish:

    • It only requires one coat.
    • The colour is AMAZING.
    • It dries super quick, especially because you only need one coat.
    What disappointed me:
    • The nail polish peeled off my nails on the first day, however my sister got a good 3 days wear out of it.  So maybe the formulation of the nail polish didn't work too well with the base coat I applied.


    1. This is really pretty. Also works perfectly for the colder months.

      1. It is incredibly pretty. I've kind of given up on trying to keep my nails subtle for work. So I wear the glitters now :)

    2. I'm also becoming slightly obsessed with the glittery golds and bronzes - they are the perfect Winter shade this year me thinks :)

      1. I am also obsessed with glittery golds and bronzes for winter. Loving it.


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