• Manicure Monday

    I am sure many of you noticed that recently I have been obsessed with MUA Cosmetics.  I placed yet another order with them for some goodies for the Giveaway I am hosting.  While buying those things I also got a nail polish because it was 50% off.
    Fairy Dust Gold Dust
    I had bought a MUA nail polish previously but I wasn't all that impressed with the brush (read post here).  I mainly got this nail polish because of the price and that it is a fine glitter nail polish.  Luckily this nail polish has a different brush that makes it so much easier to apply the product to one's nails.  This is suppose to be a 1 coat glitter nail polish and if you like a light, consistent finish it definitely does live up to the promise.  I however, am use to applying 2 coats so I did that and was equally pleased with the finish.  This nail polish dries in record time.  I truly couldn't believe how quickly it dries and hardens.

    Click here to view the complete range of MUA Glitter Nail Polishes.

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    1. Stunning colour - so glad you like MUA and got all your goodies so quickly xxx


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