• My video review for Beauty Bulletin

    I don't normally share my video reviews on my blog but thought it's the first one I have done in a long time so I should share it.  I want to encourage people to visit the Beauty Bulletin website (because I love it so much) so please watch the video by clicking on the link below the photo.
    Click here to watch my video on the Beauty Bulletin website


    1. Well done lovely - this is just divine. Such a professional video and really exciting to get to see you in the flesh haha. I'd love to see more video reviews - 5 stars!! xxx

      1. Thanks Nicole :) I am always very nervous with sharing my videos. My other videos are here: http://www.beautybulletin.com/vip-members/smtcha022/my-videos/

    2. Great vid! And such a pretty pic of you xx

    3. My fav cocktail is the Green Iguana and second to that is a Long Island Ice Tea

    4. Such a natural on camera. :) I wish I could take videos as clear and professional as these. Great job.

      P.S. Nice Kitchen. It looks like you have a beautiful home. Love the pretty 'instagram' flowers in the back. ;)


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