• MUA Mascara

    I recently purchased a whole bunch of MUA cosmetics and picked up this brown mascara for only 1 pound.  
    Makeup Academy Mascara
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    The mascara has quite a dry formula so you need to pull the wand through your lashes at least 3-4 times to get a good coating on it.   I was pleasantly surprised by how well the wand separated my lashes, which left me with nicely defined lashes.

    This is a great mascara considering the price.  Once you get a good coating it looks good throughout the day and it doesn't make lashes feel hard or plastic looking.

    For those that like to play around with different colour mascaras - this is a great one to get.  There are numerous shades to choose from in the online store.

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    1. It looks surprisingly good! I don't love brown mascara, but it's a great natural look I might start wearing during the day.

      1. I was also very surprised by how good it is considering the price :)


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