• Formula 10.0.6 is right up my alley!

    I am usually very good at waiting to finish something before getting a new product, but when I saw these Formula 10.0.6 products I just had to get them - especially because they were 30% off at Clicks the other day.
    Best face Forward Smooth Operator
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    I was on the hunt for a deep cleansing face mask and exfoliator so I decided to get the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask and One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub...but then I saw the beautiful Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser and just had to get it too.  It's the packaging - it draws you in and you can't help but take the products off the shelf.

    Ok - so how good are they? VERY! I've been so impressed by how well all of these products work.  They all smell absolutely delicious and what I love about products that smell great, is that it encourages you to use them often.

    Let me start with the Cleanser.  The thing that drew me to this product was the Pink font - I won't lie.  Then I saw that it has passion fruit and green tea - SOLD!  It smells simply amazing and foams up beautifully to give your face a good cleansed feeling without stripping it and leaving your skin feeling like it's as dry as the earth is in a dessert.

    Smooth Operator made me immediately start humming Sade's song, I still find myself humming that song every single time I use it.  But I think it really adds to the whole experience of using the product.  Those of  you that follow my blog regularly know how much I love and believe in exfoliating - my pet hate are exfoliators that have almost no abrasive particles in them.  This one has PLENTY!  Containing Zinc, Oats and Pumice you end up with silky smooth skin after the very first use of this product and over time I have definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of the pores I have around my nose area.

    Lastly, the mud mask.  Applying this always makes me think that I am applying melted down Sugas sweets to my face....I mean that in a good way.  This mask has the most delicious sweet citrus scent that makes it such a joy to use.  It dries on your skin, that I personally like because I don't really like walking around with a wet, sticky face.  Another plus for me is that it washes off easily as well.  My skin always feels and looks incredible after I use this.

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    1. Ooh the mud mask looks great! I saw it in a magazine the other day and wanted to get some. Except my skin is freaking out at any deviation to my basic routine right now... Not sure why

    2. Ohh these sound amazing!! I saw them at Clicks the other day and I was wondering if they were any good. I really do prefer using something that has been used and 'reviewed' by someone else first. Thanks for all this great info.

      My current goodies are nearly finished and I was thinking of looking for something else. These look perfect!


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