• What is the #BandwagonBox all about?

    Please note that the member limit has been reached.....sadly we cannot accept more members.  But thank you for your interest :)

    A few people have inquired about the #bandwagonbox tag that Tammy (@Tamsw9); Imka (@GlamGlit),  Mariska (@Mmmrska) and I have been going on about on twitter for a few days now.  Let's start at the very beginning....
    Ponds sent out such a beautiful love note packs to a few bloggers (no we were not lucky enough to be receivers of the box).   The four of us decided to create our own versions of the Love Letters boxes for each other.  The first box is inkeeping with the theme of the ponds box in that we sent goodies to each other to make letters.  We have just sent off our boxes to the person we were paired up with and we're eagerly waiting for them to arrive.  So in short that is how the idea of #BandwagonBox came to be - because a few other ladies "Jumped on the bandwagon" when I initially tweeted. 
    We've received some interest from other twitter users and asked what the box entails.  We are going to do a box every 2 months.  The box contents must be to the value of between  R100 - R150.  The core "Banwagon Box team" will decide on a theme for each box.  The next box is due the end of April and is going to be a beauty themed box.  It looks like there are quite a few of you who are interested in participating and we are definitely not against adding more people.  But we would like to ensure that those who do join are ones that stick around for more than 1 box.  I will do some more formalised planning and admin work to get things to run as smoothly as possible - funny thing is that the Business Analyst side of me comes out and I'm already coming up with the "Business Processes" for this...ha ha.

    Again, before signing up please take it under careful consideration.  I don't want to put people off, but I want everyone to understand that we take this initiative seriously and plan to do a box every 2 months for at least the remainder of this year.  I don't want this to suddenly grow uncontrollably and then people no longer want to be part of it after 1 or 2 boxes.  It means that some ladies might end up not getting a box when they have bought for someone else.  I don't want to be held accountable for someone not getting a box when they've taken the time to buy goodies for someone else.  So if you know you can participate for all 5 remaining boxes, pop me an email (email address can be found on my Contact Me page). 

    PS. Please note this is for South African residents only to avoid steep postage costs.  For practical reasons we are limiting the numbers to 10 members.


    1. Perfect! I love this post. It explains it a great deal. Maybe we should mention that this is for South Africans only :) Will like your post to my blog post tomorrow :)

      1. It's very exciting. It's exciting to extend this to more people :) I just hope everyone is as dedicated as we are.

      2. Me too. We should make them sign a contract ;-) And start a name and shame campaign when they fail to stick to their end of the deal!

      3. Ha ha! I have to do that at work all the time! I don't want it to become nasty, so I hope people honour their commitments.


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