• Sorbet is amazing!

    I love spa treatments but I don't always love the price tag that accompanies the treatments I love to have.  This is where Sorbet comes to the rescue.  They offer a wide range of affordable treatments.
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    I have been for manicures, facials and massages.  My favourite Sorbet is in Constantia.  My sister and I recently had a 30 minute back massage there and we both had such wonderful experiences.  Lee and Amy were our therapists and they made sure we left there feeling relaxed and refreshed.  The massages were only R200 for a 30 minute back and neck massage.  My sister and I discussed afterwards that we might make our massages a monthly ritual.

    Visit Sorbet's website for treatment menu and prices.


    1. I have had a voucher for over a year but haven't used it yet!

    2. I love Sorbet. I have never used them but their colours and layout and stores is just gorgeous. After reading this I definitely have to give them a try.

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