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    I am a huge fan of Rain Africa.  I even named it as one of my top choices for bath products in my Best of 2012 post (Read it here).  I was very lucky that Rain Africa contacted me to send me  3 products from their African Rain range - A body butter, a body cream and a body lotion.  
    All 3 contain organic baobab oil that is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F that is ideal for treating dry and damaged skin.  It helps to rejuvenate skins cells, improves skin elasticity and has incredibly moisturing capabilities because it's quickly absorbed by skin cells.

    The Body Lotion (R89.00) has a very light consistency that makes it perfect for day time use.  It absorbs very quickly into your skin and a little goes a very long way.  Even though the consistency is light I was really impressed by how well it moistured my skin and my skin looked hydrated for the entire day.

    The Body Cream has a somewhat thicker consistency but is still light enough to use during the day but I prefer to use it at night.  It is great when applied straight after a bath while your skin is still warm and lightly damp.  My skin sucks up every last bit of it and I am not left with any sticky or heavy feeling of it.  My pet hate when it comes to creams, is if it just sits on the surface of my skin.  So this cream scores top marks in my opinion.

    The Body Butter (R89.00) has a thick, luxurious consistency.  It is perfect for areas that need a little extra TLC, such as knees, elbows and heels.  I personally like to use it on my feet and then I wear moisture socks to allow my skin to get the very best out of this body butter.  As with the body cream, this surprised me because it is light on my skin and doesn't ever leave my skin feeling sticky.

    All three products have a very soft fragrance once it's absorbed into the skin and I find it to be incredibly pleasant, especially during the day.  The website describes the fragrance to be:
    "an ambery fragrance, lifted by lemon, mandarin, freesia and oakmoss. a tempestuous, mysterious stormy scent with unisex overtones".  I like to wear perfume so having a body lotion that is not extremely scented serves me well as I don't have to worry about the fragrances competing or clashing.

    I have been using all three products for over a week now and must say that I have not once reached for any other body creams in my cupboard.  Sometimes when I am trying out products I find myself reaching for my usual products and I have to remind myself to use the new product.  But with these creams I have just instinctively reached for them.  I think that's a great sign of how you truly feel about a product when it's surrounded by products you know and love yet you choose to reach for the new product.  My skin looks and feels great!  I'm certain that as I continue to use these products I will see great improvements in the overall tone and texture of my skin as I am already noticing a few differences after only 1 week.
    Visit the Rain Africa website to read more about their products and for those that do not have stores, you can purchase the amazing products from their online store.  I can definitely recommend their scented candles.  I have the Ivory one and LOVE it!  The Peppermint bath salts are also perfect for sore and tired muscles.

    A big Thank You to Rain Africa for sending me these products to try out. 

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