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    I have so many posts where I have included Dior products and have on many occasions mentioned how much I would love to try out the lipstick to many people.  When Beauty Bulletin sent me a lipstick to test as part of the 50 Shades of Lustful Lipstick send out and I saw that it was a Dior lipstick, I literally let out a little scream from pure excitement.
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    Dior Addict - Lucky
    I had very high expectations for this lipstick, not only because of the name of the brand, but also because I have an almost fantasy built up in my head around what it would be like.  So as soon as I got it, I immediately opened up the box.  I have a shade called Lucky and I definitely thought it was an appropriate name when applied to me, because I felt incredibly lucky to be given this product to review.  The colour is a fuchsia pink with a coral undertone that can be built up to a bright pink that is classy.

    At first I was a little apprehensive about the bright, bold shade of pink but I have played around with it pigmentation and found a good shade for me.  The pigmentation can be easily built up and the bold look leaves you with bright, glossy looking lips that looks incredibly beautiful.  I have been using the lipstick every day for over a week now and have found that the condition of my lips is amazing - Super soft and smooth.  The colour lasts incredibly well, about 5 hours of wear although you do lose some of the glossy look and it settles on a subtle matte colour - that personally I like a lot.  There is no flakey look and it definitely does not dry out your lips at all.  I think this makes it the perfect lipstick.  The consistency is very creamy which allows the colour to be applied easily and evenly.  When using this, it really does feel like you are using an incredible lipbalm so I find myself reaching for this throughout the day.  It is just such a treat to use and I feel so glamorous.

    I honestly can't find any flaw with this lipstick - it's light wearing, long lasting and incredibly moisturising.  I can't wait for pay day because I think I am going to treat myself to another colour...that is how much I love this!
    PS. Thank you to the ladies at Beauty Bulletin for sending me this product to review for the Beauty Bulletin website.  Read my review on the Beauty Bulletin website and don't forget to join if you are not already a member!


    1. You're really pretty Charlene :)
      Lipstick looks great on you...
      Hey Scamp :):):)

    2. aaaahhhh!! That's amazing :) I am also in love with Dior. The colour looks amazing on you as well :)

    3. Lori and Kerry know your Dior obsession very well. I love the colour on you, it looks very pretty :)

      1. I thought the name was so appropriate for me....because I am VERY lucky to have gotten it :D

    4. Colour looks gorgeous on you!!!

    5. Looks so beautiful on you!

      1. Thanks Rochelle, hope you've been doing well :) XXX


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