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    I love perfume!  All kinds of perfume.  I have a collection that I am very proud of and I'm always fighting the urge to buy more bottles.  However one thing I have never really been particularly keen on, are celebrity fragrances.  I find that often the celebrity perfumes cater too much to the mass market and at times they smell “cheap and nasty”.   So I was a little sceptical about this perfume.
    Wild Rose
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    I can’t say that I particularly like the packaging of the perfume, because I am use to more expensive packaging.  But if one keeps things in perspective the bottle is not all that bad.  I understand that with celebrity fragrances, one needs to keep the costs down so the bottles cannot always compete with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Burberry and other designer brands.  I realise that I am sounding like a complete perfume snob now.  But when one uses a beauty product, especially perfume, one partakes in the whole experience of it.  The way a bottle feels in your hands, how it looks and how well it sprays the perfume, these are all important factors because perfume is a complete luxury purchase.   Although the bottle isn't that wonderful in my opinion, the spraying mechanism is actually very good.  It sprays a fine mist of perfume that does not cause perfume to run down your neck....I hate it when that happens!  I think a younger audience will like the bottle because it has a plastic rose flower lid that when removed, frees a silver ring that can be worn.  So the manufacturers have put some thought into the design to make the bottle more appealing and unique.  The thing I don’t like about the bottle is the sprayed bottom.  I personally think the bottle would look so much better without it.  To me it looks like someone stood there with an Appliance White spray paint can spraying the bottles because they ran out of ideas and saw spray paint laying around.

    Anyway with all of that said, I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance.  It embodies many things I love in perfumes.  My favourite kinds of perfumes are ones that strike a good balance between being fruity, sweet and vanilla.  This perfume has all three!  It starts off on a fruity note of grape fruit, mandarins and hints of plum.  As it starts to settle on your skin it warms up to floral notes and an orangey scent.  As the day wears on you are left with a musky and almost vanilla scent that I read up to be crème brulee (which is my favourite dessert so I loved that little titbit of information).

    The staying power of this perfume was actually quite good.  I found that spraying it at 7am by 12pm the scent started to fade quite a bit and at 4pm it wasn't all that noticeable.  So this is a perfume that you will have to spray again at lunch time if you want the scent to linger on your skin longer.

    All in all, I am pleasantly surprised by this perfume and think it is a perfect everyday kind of fragrance.  It’s pleasant smelling, not at all over powering and affordable.
    PS. Thank you to the ladies at Beauty Bulletin for sending me this perfume to review for the Beauty Bulletin website.  Read my review on the Beauty Bulletin website and don't forget to join if you are not already a member!

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