• Yardley Summer is Magic Eyeshadows

    I recently bought a few eyeshadows from the beauty sale at Dischem and at only R19.00 each I had to pick up these Yardley, Summer is Magic mono eyeshadows.
    The eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation that can easily be built up.  The eyeshadows are a nice matte colour that I personally prefer wearing everyday.  As much as I love shimmery eyeshadows, matte colours can be built up to a dark shade without it looking too overdone.  When trying to achieve a dark colour with shimmery eyeshadows, it does get a bit much.  These are great value!  Rush over to a Dischem near you to find these in the sales section.


    1. These colours are amazing. I especially love the dark blue, hopefully I'll get to a Dischem this week.

    2. What a steal, R19 and they look like they have great pigmentation which is huge!


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