• Wishing Wednesday

    For the Blogger Swap I had with Nicole from Princess Noo, I received a Bobbi Brown lip balm that I was dying to own.  I don't know how Nicole knew it, but she surprised me with one and when I saw it I gasped, nearly fainted and wanted to shout out in joy...yes, I get very over excited when I see pretty thing (It's quite a sight to witness). 
    Lip Balm SPF 15
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    This lip balm just screams luxury...everything about it, from the metal packaging to the look of the box even.  It is just such a treat to use and truly lives up to everything I thought it would be.  If you have to splurge on a lip balm, this is the one to get!  It's a wonderful feeling when a beauty wish comes true - Nicole, thank you so very much once again for all the spoils! (Read the post here)

    PS. Don't forget to pop over to Nicole's blog where you can see the gifts I bought her.

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