• Manicure Monday!

    It's no secret that that I adore nail polishes and a few weeks ago Nicole from Princess Noo and I did a blogger swap (Read post here).  One of the presents was a nail polish from Dior - yes, Nicole really spoiled me!
    Dior Diorling 207
    Diorific - Diorling (207) Two Coats
    The nail polish is a gold shade with tiny, little bronze glitter particles in it.  It goes on incredibly smoothly and the little brush makes the application very easy.  I like the shape of the handle of the brush because it's so easy to grip which helps one achieve consistent coverage.  An application of 2 coats lasts me a good 5 days with no chipping or cracking - on one day I even spent 5 hours in the garden planting plants and the nail polish stood up to all of that without any chips or scratches.  Another thing I really love about this nail polish, is that it dries incredibly fast which is perfect for someone who is most impatient when it comes to waiting for each layer to dry.

    Thanks again to Nicole for this amazing nail polish!  Pop by Nicole's blog for some wonderful Beauty posts!


    1. Your nails look gorgeous. You totally deserve to be spoiled hunny :) xx

    2. That's a pretty colour. The little pot/container is so cute. I also don't like waiting for nail polish to dry,lol!


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