• It's My Sister's Birthday and that means a GIVEAWAY!

    It's my beautiful sister's Birthday today and I am so excited!  I really can't describe how much she means to me and how much I love her.  We had such an amazing childhood together and I always loved having my little sister around - wherever I went she was always with me.  I never hated having her around and loved that I had a sister that loved spending time with me.  We continue to be close and have "Sister's Days" whenever we can.
    Happy Birthday Sammy P! I love you!
    On of my favourite photos of my sister and I in Knysna
    To help celebrate this day I decided to have another little giveaway on my blog.  I've been running around all the sales and picked up a few items.  I am not going to lie, the prize didn't cost me that much.  But it's still something pretty and hopefully will make someone happy.
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    Goodies from Typo:
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    • Notebook with vintage camera print - R20
    • 2013 Diary - R25
    • Noticeboard pins with map detail - R25

    Goodies from Accessorize:
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    • Tote bag - R60
    • Gold Necklace - R35

    How to enter
    It's going to be VERY simple!

    1. Leave a comment below with your full name and email address.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address you are welcome to leave your twitter handle instead - just leave me with some way to get hold of you if you are the winner.  Sorry users of facebook - I don't have a facebook account so that won't work.
    2. Those that follow me on twitter can earn an extra entry by tweeting about the giveaway - just remember to mention @Gee_Whiskers so that I know you tweeted
    Entries close at midnight on 2 February and I'll do the during the course of the 2nd.  The winner has 1 week to provide me with their postal address after I contact them.  If they fail to do so, I will draw another name.  Oh and in case any of you were wondering, I don't have rules against previous winners not being allowed to enter giveaways again.  I believe in the luck of the draw so previous winners are always welcome to enter again to test their luck.

    Good luck and as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the continued visits and comments!


    1. Good morning! I have a special and wonderful younger sister too. Whose birthday is also this month. Love spending time with her, so sad she lives in JHB while I'm here in KZN. Love the gifts!

    2. Good Morning and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lovely sister. May her day be filled with love, happiness and many many gift and laughter. May we raise our glass to many years to come!!!
      Debbie Oosthuizen

    3. HAappy birthday to ur lil sis :) this is such a sweet post.
      love all the goodies:)
      Lutfiyya Shaikjee

    4. Happy Birthday to your little sis.
      Have tweeted @ReneGroyer
      reneeg at discoverymail.co.za

    5. verushka ramasami26 January 2013 at 15:04

      Happy birthday to dearest sammy may you be blessed always... You both are so lucky to have each other.i dont have a sister and my dad was an only child so no cousins on that side on mum side i thought i was close to two cousins but both turned out selfush, self absorbed and hurt me. God has blessed me though with sisters in the form of friends......... verushka.ramasami@gmail.com @verushka143

      1. It is amazing how close you can feel to friends and often they are the ones that are far more caring and loving than family members can be. I am glad you have people in your life that are there for you and who you can share special moments with. Thanks so much for your sweet message :) I know I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing sister and that we get along so well. BIG HUGS!

      2. Thank you for always responding to my low moments means alot to me xoxo

    6. Happy Birthday sis! I need this gift though! It's Typo!! Need!!!

      Email: glittermeglamorous@gmail.com
      Twitter: @GlamGlit

    7. Happy birthday Sammy P!

      yasminschrueder@yahoo.com (@yasCT)
      Yasmin Schrueder :)

    8. Rehana Seedat Happy Birthday Dearest Sammy P!Wishing u everything of the best & May u see many more happy years to come! email: dseedat@telkomsa.net Twittername: @online61524 I have tweeted as well

    9. I adore your blog!
      Emma Follett-Botha

    10. enter me if international
      name: Natasha sobhn
      email: natasha60000@hotmail.com
      twitter: @natasha540

    11. Bongiwe Mavimbela26 January 2013 at 19:30

      Happy Birthday to your sister and may she be blessed with many more blissfull years.

    12. Happy Birthday to your sister Sammy! I hope you guys had an awesome day!
      my email osoinspired{at}gmail{dot}com


    13. Happy birthday to your sister Sammy :) you are both truly blessed, I have always longed for a sister, luckily I have a few very dear friends.
      Email: faeemasader@gmail.com
      Twitter: @thefayfactor

    14. I guess it will be a Happy Belated Birthday to your Sis. I'm a new follower I learned about you on Tazz's City girl vibe' bags and bloggers. Now I saw the competition the competition. Thanks for the competition. Here my email addy anazonongubo@gmail.com @Zoana_N

    15. Happy happy birthday to your sister! Hope you two spend some special time together. I've always wanted a sister ;)

      Thanks for the chance to win. I love all the goodies you've chosen.
      Email: Honeyza@me.com
      twitter: HoneyBza

    16. Abby Buchanan



    17. Hey Charlene... Happy bday to sis ! Hope she had a fab day. I follow on twitter and Instagram as rubereloaded.

      M email is rushda@ mweb.co.za

      Love Typo! Fingers crossed xxx

      Rushda xxx

    18. LOVE LOVE LOVE this giveaway! Love the notebook with the camera the most!
      Happy birthday to your sis!



    19. Happy Birthday to your Sister Sammy!! I Hope she had an Amazing One and I Hope there are many more to come.
      I also have a sister so I understand the Amazing Bond one can have with your Sister it is absolutely wonderful having a sister. I Love my Sister very much and don't know what I would do without her.

      Louise Desiree Jacobs

    20. Im sure you know from my blog posts how obsessed I am with travelling so just couldnt resist entering this exciting comp! you always have the best prizes!



    21. Oh this is a lovely giveaway! Happy Belated Birthday to your little sis. Hope she had a fab day!

      Catriona Munnik

    22. Wow! What a cool giveaway. Happy Birthday to your sister.

      Elana Bailey
      elana . bailey at gmail . com

    23. I'm sure that Sammy had the most amazing day thanks to you! So blessed to have a sister, I have 3 brothers and I was usually their guinea pig for their tricks! I however do have the most amazing sister in laws so that has made up for it!

      As always...an AMAZING giveaway from you! *So sweet of you to do it cos of your sister's bday! I bet you are the BEST sister ever!*

      Tammy Perry

    24. Happy birthday to your sister!

    25. Happy belated birthday to your sister

    26. I'm the older sister...with my little sister still being a student, she is spoilt rotten all the time!
      This would be great...a little spoiling for myself for a change :-)

    27. Hope your sister had a lovely birthday! :)
      Lee-Ann Lipman

    28. Happy BIrthday to your sister! ♪♫♪♫♫♪

      Rochelle Kay

    29. Obsessed with Typo so would love to win this cool prize :) Leigh @Le1ghLo :)

    30. Hope your sister had an amazing birthday,she is one lucky sis :)
      Name: Sameera Hay
      email: sameera_hay@yahoo.com

    31. Happy belated Birthday to your little sis im sure you made it that more special.
      Name : Beth Naidoo
      Have tweeted @BethNaidoo

    32. Roxanne Chutthergoon31 January 2013 at 14:33

      Happy Birthday to your sister! May God bless her richly :)

      My twitter handle is @Roxi_23

      I have tweeted also! :)

    33. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful sister. Xxx
      Deslé divadesle@gmail.com

    34. Ashishta Gokhul

    35. Awww this is nice. What a great way to celebrat your sister's birthday. Actually, I'm looking for ideas for my sister birthday wishes and I think a simple treat and a card would be great. Cheers for both of you!


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