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    It's been a very long time since I've done one of these posts and it's definitely not a "fancy" post at all - the main reason why I am doing this is to show you the one Revlon eyeshadow that I got on sale at clicks for only R25!

    1. Revlon Diamond Lust 100 Celestial Silver - R25 on sale from Clicks
    2. Smashbox Limitless 15 hour wear cream shadow in Amethyst- R190 from Woolworths
    3. Clinique Lash Power Mascara - R220 from Edgars (Read full review here)
    4. The Body Shop All in One Face Base - R160 from The Body Shop

    How to achieve the simple look:

    1. Prepare your eyelid with either an eyeshadow primer or normal face powder.  I prefer using a face base powder.
    2. Cover your entire eyelid with a cream eyeshadow as this will catch the glitter eyeshadow. Basically we are using this as glue to stick the glitter eyeshadow to.
    3. Using and eyeliner brush, pick up a bit of the glittery eyeshadow and apply along the top of your lash line.  I find the dotting the eyeshadow is easier that swiping the brush along the lash line.
    4. Finish off the look with a coat of mascara and softly line your bottom eye line with black or purple eyeliner.
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    I am by no means a makeup artist, nor am I pretending to be one.  All the looks I share will be very simple and easy to do.


    1. Very pretty. I have been at the Clicks beauty sale and the Dischem beauty sale lately. I got a Revlon Photo Ready Sculpting Blush Palette for about R70 but I was disappointed. The colours have hardly any pigment and the contouring colour doesn't show up at all. So sales can be hit and miss, but there are some real bargains out there.

      1. That's horrible! I'd also expect Revlon to be a good buy :(

    2. I love the glittered stripe! So pretty!

    3. Beautiful :) xx Love your eyes and nails,


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