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    There are some brands that just make you jump for joy.  Chanel, Dior, Lancome, YSL, to name but a few....so many great brands out there that I would love to own.  I was incredibly lucky to have won a Chanel perfumed shimmer gel AGES ago but I haven't gotten around to writing a post on my blog about it.
    Perfume Shimmering Touch
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    Chanel Chance perfume is such a beautifully feminine perfume.  I always find it difficult to describe scents to people, but my interpretation of the scent is that the top notes are fruity with a slight hint of pepper.  At the heart of the perfume are warm floral notes that settle on a soft musk. 

    I love this gel because it makes me feel glamorous when I apply it.  Because it has shimmer in it, you can't wear this every day but when you do it makes the outing feel extra special.  The scent lasts incredibly well because your body absorbs the gel and you also have better control over the strength of the scent that you want on you.

    Everything about this product makes me want to own more Chanel products.  The packaging is spectacular - the look, feel and functionality of it.  It's easy to see why Chanel is such a luxurious and sort after brand.

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    1. Pretty :)
      I'm actually dying to smell this stuff, think I'll swing by Edgars to smell it


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