• Beauty Tips: Make Up Brush Guide

    Following my last pinterest find, I found another helpful makeup brush image to share (see the previous one here).
    Image Source
    PS. I am sorry if this seems like lazy blogging posts but I know not everyone has the time to hunt down helpful things, so I decided to share the things I find that are helpful or interesting.  Those that don't like the posts - sorry! 


    1. One brush I couldn't live without is my duo-fibre stippling brush the MAC 187. I use it for everything!
      Posts like these are great to share!

    2. I love it!
      I never know what brushes to buy!
      I'm not that clued up when it comes to make up.

    3. Laiqah and Johlet, glad you found the post helpful and thanks for the tip on the MAC brush :)


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