• Beauty Tip: Removing Blackheads

    I HATE blackheads! Nothing annoys me more when it comes to my skin care routine than having to deal with stubborn blackheads on my nose.  I discovered a trick that worked so well for me that I thought I would share it.
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    Traditional pore cleansing nose strips are really great but often don't get rid of all of the blackheads first time round.  A lot of the time they only lift them up a bit and when you feel your nose after removing the strip you can feel how uneven your skin feels..it's all the yucky blackheads sticking out *puke*.  So what I do is use another strip to remove the remaining blackheads.  It makes such a HUGE difference and truly does get rid of at least 80 - 90 percent of the blackheads.  

    After removing the second strip wash your face again with warm water, pat dry and then immediately apply a pore reducing serum to pull your pores shut.  If you apply a moisturiser first there is a possibility of it clogging your pores and this is one of the causes of dreaded blackheads. 

    Another tip - if you battle with oily skin, it is normal to get blackheads on your chin and on your forehead by your brow (as a teenager I use to battle with both areas).  These pore strips work just as well on these areas.

    I'd love to hear feedback and any other tips you might have for me to try out.


    1. Thanks for this! I always battle with Blackheads :( Will try this though!

    2. Say goodbye to blackheads in home thanks a lot for the information as given by you will help me a lot


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