• Beauty Tip: Bringing out Green in your eyes

    I really love the colour purple and am fortunate that I have an eye colour that leads itself well to wearing it.  Purples goes incredibly well with brown and green eyes.  When you have a combination of the two colours, the green is brought out by wearing shades of purple.
    Products used: Smashbox Creaseless Eyeshadow in Amethyst; Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner in Purple 
    Usually the green in my eyes is overwhelmed by the brown around my iris.  So when I feel like bringing out the green I like to wear varying shades of purple.


    1. I love purple too! And you have such pretty eyes :)


    2. Wow, I think I have exactly the same eye colour! Strangely enough, I find that green eye shadow brings out the green in my eyes. But maybe that's just me being silly. I haven't worn purple in ages, but thanks for inspiring me to do so soon!


      1. I haven't really tried experimenting with greens. Glad you feel inspired, I do as well.

    3. I wear purple but my eyes are never this pretty. Truly stunning!

    4. Have to know that nail color!! It's gorgeous! Often times, bloggers are busy & don't get back to such questions but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us/me know!


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