• Avoiding studying...but having fun!

    I was studying which automatically means that I look for everything else to do besides sitting with my textbook.  I felt like glittery nails but didn't feel like sitting for ages doing multiple coats of glitter nail polish to get a solid glittery finish.  So I grabbed my fairy dust, clear nail polish and cotton wool
    Sorry about the poor quality of the images. The lighting in my bedroom wasn't all that great.

    1. Add a thick coat of clear nail polish
    2. Sprinkle glitter over your wet nail
    3. Allow the glitter to settle for about a minute then gently tap your fingers against a surface to shake off any excess glitter.
    4. Finish off with a clear top coat
    What I personally love about this method is that it is SO MUCH easier to remove than the traditional glitter nail polish and this is a lot quicker to get a nice finish.

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    1. So pretty Charlene, anything to avoid studying hey ;)
      What are you studying btw?


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