• Manicure Monday

    I bought my first OPI nail polish over a week ago and I struggled to choose a colour because I saw the wonderful Minnie Mouse range and torn between the bright colours or the more subtle shades.  However, I work in a corporate environment and have to wear colours that are toned down and professional.  So in the end I settled on a colour called Sweet Heart (Don't you just love the name!).
    Please excuse the condition of my nails - I've been rather slack in doing manicures lately.
    It's a beautiful soft pink that has really grown on me a lot.  I have read on many a blog and website that OPI lasts incredibly well and I didn't really believe it.  But I can honestly say that I am seriously impressed by this brand.  I have washed dishes (not with goldie locks though), cleaned the stove and gone about typing away all day without any chips or scratches yet.  The brush is fantastic - from the handle to the actual bristles.  It makes applying the nail polish incredibly easy and quick.  I managed to do a bottom coat, 2 layers of nail polish and quick drying top coat in about 10 minutes without any smudging!  This is a must for all who love nail polish.


    1. Love the name and the colour is perfect for work :) Thanks for sharing!

    2. Such a cute name hey! The colour looks great on you.

    3. Lovely natural pink colour. Looks perfect on your hands.

    4. Looks awesome on your nails! O.P.I has the coolest names!

    5. Very pretty - suits you :) xx

      1. Thank you! Can't wait to buy myself some more colours!


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